communicode AG once again among the TOP 50 German full-service digital agencies in the BVDW Internet agency ranking in 2017

In the e-commerce sub-ranking, communicode AG continues to hold its position on 18th place.
Essen, May 26, 2017

As one of the 15 full-service digital agencies certified by the BVDW, communicode secures 49th place in the Internet Agency Ranking 2017 and is thus among the top 50 German digital agencies for the third time in a row.

According to the trade magazine iBusiness of the Hightext publishing house, the agency market has grown by 18.3% to almost 1.7 billion compared to the previous year. Reasons for this are, in particular, increased consulting and implementation services on the topics of "Digital Transformation", "E-Commerce", "Platform Business" and "Online Marketing".

communicode has achieved this result despite growing market competition and the 6% new additions to the listed Top 50 companies. In particular, larger agencies, which are increasingly merging as a group and with cumulative turnovers instantaneously occupy leading positions within the ranking, are, with few exceptions, shifting the positions of the participating agencies downwards in the ranking. Contrary to the general agency trend to outsource development services, communicode also relies on "Solutions Made in Germany". communicode consistently counters the continuing trend to implement projects mainly with near-shore or off-shore resources by investing in staff development, training and certification, as well as in its own transformation.

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communicode consistently in the important E-Commerce subranking

The subranking "E-Commerce" lists the largest providers for this field of application. Agencies which achieve more than 30 percent of the total turnover in the area of "E-Commerce" qualify for the sub-ranking, in order to ensure that these companies can demonstrate corresponding expertise. communicode continues to be on 18th position and is also one of the five BVDW certified agencies listed here.