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We are enthusiastic about all things digital and that for more than 16 years. One could say a lot about this; however, nothing demonstrates our commitment better than the success, our customers enjoy. Benefit from our experience with international brands form trade and industry.

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Current Projects:

  • stadtwerke-schwerte

Data in abundance, consolidated and available on the infuniq platform

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From distributed data to the golden customer record

The group of companies already offers a variety of attractive services in B2B and B2C. Many citizens of Schwerte are customers of several SWS companies. Each company operates its own, historically grown IT landscape with information about customers and contracts, as well as data about infrastructure and technology. In addition to the data itself, knowledge about this data and its structures is also distributed. What data is actually available and how can it be meaningfully linked?

With the infuniq framework, communicode provided the suitable platform for this.


  • medox

Scandinavian superfood is conquering the German market – together with communicode as a full-service digital agency


MEDOX® – The power of the Norwegian berry conquers the German market

The innovative dietary supplement made from the Scandinavian wild blueberry was launched on the market within just five months. As lead agency, communicode was responsible for the product launch from the very beginning and equipped MEDOX® with a holistic business strategy for the digital future.

  • Conception and development of a digital launch campaign
  • Development of brand appearance, branding strategy and digital marketing measures
  • Process, payment and fulfillment advice
  • Implementation and operation of a B2C shop with shopware technology
  • Takeover of overall project management

We are pleased to be able to accompany MEDOX® as a full service digital agency in the successive conquest of the digital market.


  • grohe

communicode implements the high digital requirements of GROHE directly at the product information basis with SAP Hybris

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  • vorwerk

Vorwerk uses SAP Hybris to pursue new sales channels with their online marketing platform

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  • olymp

The return to the Olymp; without Hercules, but with Hybris – a success story of OLYMP Bezner KG in cooperation with communicode

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OLYMP Bezner also cuts a perfect figure online

By launching their own eShop, OLYMP Bezner KG has achieved another milestone of digital strategy. Based on the Hybris Accelerator, communicode developed an interactive eCommerce platform for OLYMP, which was fully integrated into OLYMP’s system landscape. Far-reaching adjustments of the logistics and retour process were necessary and are part of the service-oriented shopping experience. Customer loyalty and customer acquisition as well as exploiting any savings potential were the defined project objectives.

  • Design and implementation of a completely new B2C shop
  • Quick, agile implementation in continuous coordination with the customer
  • Adjustment of SAP Hybris in fulfillment processes
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Close cooperation with different service providers

In cooperation with the OLYMP team, we continuously expand functionality and services, open additional markets and support online marketing activities towards automation.


  • vorwerk

Using Thermomix® and Cook-Key, VORWERK launches the digital kitchen – worldwide and with SAP Hybris in backend, both scalable and performant

References – Vorwerk – Thermomix
  • triumph

Digitisation can be this beautiful! Everything began with Content Management – and 24/7 support does by no means paint the complete picture.

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Triumph – beautiful, digital world of lingerie

The wide variety of topics and projects, which we planned and implemented in cooperation with Triumph, are a perfect example for the continuous optimisation of digital platforms.

Together, we have the privilege of enjoying how everything is intertwined.

  • Implementation and support of the company site and various microsites
  • PIM implementation based on SAP Hybris
  • Refactoring of the Japanese eShop (SAP Hybris)
  • 24/7 operations for the Japanese eShop
  • Migration of SAP Hybris Commerce Application into AWS Cloud

We are proud to be contact partner for the people at Triumph and many of their issues.


  • carl-roth

Carl Roth, mail order company for chemicals, life sciences and labware, builds on consulting and services – online included

References – Carl Roth

Carl Roth – Next Level eCommerce

Carl Roth is a provider of chemicals and labware for the B2B market. The company looks back on a 135-year history, in which to this day competent consulting and service form the foundation of the company’s success. Way back, in 1899 Carl Roth sent the first mail order catalogue to his customers. Being one of the first, the company presented its entire product portfolio as online catalogue via infuniq with order functions on the internet.

In March 2014, the company asked communicode to modernise the system architecture and to implement new shop technology. In over 10 years, the complexity of data, also due to branch-specific, legally required information and certificates on the internet have increased substantially. Based on a product concept catalogue and agile principles, we have added and individually adjusted the B2B Accelerator of SAP Hybris.

  • Relaunch based on the B2B Accelerator of SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Integration in the existing process chains (ERP, PIM)
  • market-specific presentation of portfolios and languages in the online shop
  • Fully managed hosting of the app by communicode
  • individual customer support “SLA by Call”

As a service-oriented company, Carl Roth is now able to present the special features applying to the purchase of chemicals and labware, in a safe, comfortable, completely digital and integrated manner. Digital marketing and personalisation are the next steps – increasing sales and new customer segments are the objective.

Please visit the infuniq-Website for more information about the infuniq PIM-Solution and agile Product Information Management.

  • turck

The product catalogue of the automation specialist Turck is a shining example of online representation – OpenText and infuniq form a single unit

References – Turck

Turck – Your Global Automation Partner

Turck is a globally acting company providing products and solutions for factory and process automation. communicode developed a web application for Turck, which supports the presentation of all products and accessories for international markets. Our PowerSearch for a successful quest allows the facetted search via all product features.

  • Import of product information from asim® PIM into the online catalogue
  • Migration of all products and accessories with infuniq®
  • Application of the Turck website layouts on the web catalogue
  • Integration into the OpenText WCMS
  • Saving of application profiles for customers via PowerSearch

communicode has been successfully supporting Turck for many years in developing and operating the solution.

Please visit the Website for more information about the infuniq PIM-Solution and agile Product Information Management.

Customers, who put their faith in us – together we have worked through and finalised projects, shared know-how, celebrated successes

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