It is well known that online trading has been gaining in importance for years. Also that with the increasing number of online shops on the net, having your own offer and addressing customers correctly has become all the more important. A personalized customer journey is one of the marketing tools that should contribute to a long-term customer relationship. In a free webinar on December 1, 2020, the full-service digital agency communicode AG showed how the individual orientation of an online shop to the customer in connection with Shopware can succeed.

During the webinar, various scenarios from e-commerce practice were shown, in which the rule builder in the Shopware online shop system is used to create an individual shopping experience. Different conditions and rules were defined for certain customer groups, which are automatically played out after the go-live. In this way, the viewer of the webinar received a direct insight into the practical application of the Rule Builder and its correct configuration in Shopware.

The webinar was aimed at operators of online shops who are concerned with optimizing their customer journey and would also like to consider individual components of a purchasing process. Frontend developers were also invited to the webinar to get new ideas for their own developments. After the presentation, the communicode consultant was available to answer questions from the audience.

About Shopware AG:

Shopware is considered one of the best shop systems on the market and is a living ecosystem. A fast-growing community that drives each other's ideas and creativity. A large family that now includes many thousands of members, developers and more than 1,200 sales partners throughout Europe. Every day, the Shopware community contributes to making Shopware a little bit better as an open source product and adding more and more plugins to the already 2,000 extensions in the Shopware Community Store.