A deep integration of usually several systems and a multitude of applications within the customer experience go hand in hand with this. We are not talking about the simple use of software here - rather, the company is faced with the question of how relevant information and actors can be integrated into its own processes with the help of digital channels.

We know from experience that there is rarely one best solution for all requirements. Each system/solution has its central strengths and these must be used sensibly and integrated into the existing IT landscape. We understand innovation as a process that continuously analyses and adapts existing processes and IT systems and, if necessary, adds meaningful new digital services. The progressive networking of people with technologies and processes in B2B and B2C gives rise to digital ecosystems within the organisation and beyond - this is the essence of digital business.

Designing system architectures and digital solutions that bring short-term success and can also withstand digital progress is the claim of our software architects and consultants. What counts here is not only broad technical know-how to develop modern software and build high-performance interfaces, but also process expertise and experience in dealing with digital pipelines. In addition, everything has to be fast: performance is one of the most important success factors alongside usability when it comes to user acceptance of software.

Our services for you:

  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Conception and design of system and software architecture
  • Integration of existing IT systems, individual interface development
  • Best-of-Breed approach instead of All-in-One