Terms such as "consumer focus", "customer journey" or "customer centricity" are on everyone's lips, but insights into the customer are usually fragmented and require a great deal of manual effort to consolidate and use. Marketing actions can therefore only be realised with a time delay and not really on an individual basis. With appropriate marketing solutions, customers can be addressed in a personalised way based on past, present and future expected behaviour in real time. Your marketing team thus has the opportunity to view your customers from a 360° perspective and to derive targeted, relevant and current marketing actions from this.

The following tools are available in an end-to-end process:

Instruments in the end-to-end process

Relevant content at all touchpoints

Marketing Data Management

  • Creation of a 360° perspective on people in real time - online and offline
  • Continuous enrichment of existing profile information from internal and external sources
  • Prediction of future (buying) behaviour

Segmentation and Target Groups

  • Performant segmentation according to own criteria on a Big Data basis in real time
  • Aggregation of data to KPI's, totals, scores in real time
  • Analysis of geographical, demographic or other data in real time to identify value creation potentials
  • Creation and optimisation of target groups with the help of predictive analytics -

Content Creation and Playout

  • Templates for e-mail, SMS, landing pages, etc. adapted to your target groups
  • Personalisation with individual address on the basis of customer interactions and integration of the content into the commerce shop

Campaign Management and Automation

  • Creation of multi-phase or multi-channel campaigns time- or event-based execution of campaigns
  • Automatic execution of follow-up actions


  • Creation of context-relevant recommendations and personalised presentation in the shop and other channels
  • Increase of conversion rate through user-relevant cross- & upselling offers

Marketing Planning, Management and Controlling

  • Top-down planning and budget allocation
  • Bottom-up budget allocation to individual campaigns
  • Real-time campaign performance analysis
  • Balanced Score Card and KPI monitor for target-performance comparison

Intelligent Forecasting Models

All these components work independently of the shop system you use and are available both on-premise and in the cloud.

Overview Personalised data utilisation from a wide range of sources

Our services for you:

  • End-to-end consideration of your marketing requirements in a process-related, digital context
  • Assessments with needs and potential analysis, comparison with external goals
  • Conception of the system architecture including integration of ERP, commerce, CRM, etc.
  • Creation of a solution concept and validation through proof-of-concepts
  • Implementation, training and operation of your solution

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