It is worthwhile to involve all stakeholders in the change process from the beginning and to respond to their needs and ideas: This creates mutual understanding as well as transparency and acceptance for the new solution. Quite automatically, the trust in the company management grows and the cooperation of the teams improves sustainably. After that, the question of the appropriate technical platform is quickly resolved.

External service providers such as photographers and videographers are often involved in the creation of media assets. Freely configurable workflows support such multi-stage coordination processes and visibly accelerate the creation of marketing content. The key to success lies in the integration of tools and automation of business processes.

Above all, in order to operate profitably in omnichannel commerce, an integrated MAM/DAM is an indispensable solution that ensures that things work in the markets. With our passion and experience in process design, we shape customised solutions to fit your digital strategy.

Our services for you:

  • Strategy and process consulting
  • Product consulting MAM/DAM systems
  • Design of the project vision and mission
  • Technical concepts for data models, workflows & publishing