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Shopware - innovative e-commerce for an optimal customer experience

It is not only in e-commerce that there has been a trend in recent years for extensive and demanding IT projects to be implemented with a short time-to-market and without major hurdles.

Especially in B2B, our customers have special requirements for a modern store system. These include customized product and price designs or flexible scalability. Shopware offers this and much more.

State-of-the-art technology development and entrepreneurial spirit "Made in Germany"

The increasing demands on modern e-commerce call for both bold investments and ambitious ideas. Shopware has demonstrated a true spirit of innovation from the very beginning by always helping to set the trends in the industry. From setting up different ordering systems and efficient order management to the context-related categorization of individual customer groups, Shopware has surpassed itself time and again. We are absolutely convinced of Shopware as a store system not only because of its numerous awards, but also because of our shared understanding of the optimal customer experience and the maximization of customer success.

Together for the optimal user experience

The perfect customer experience is independent of time, location, operating system or the end device used. The needs of the customer are just as important for a professional store system as they are for us as an experienced service provider. Both Shopware and communicode view the customer experience as a holistic concept that does not simply stop at a specific channel. We work together for our customers to ensure that they are always that decisive step ahead of the competition.

Your agile partner for intelligent Shopware solutions

We like e-commerce solutions that inspire their users and bring our customers the greatest possible success. We offer a comprehensive and agile full service that our customers can rely on at all times. Our agile way of working helps to achieve short-term learning successes and to use these directly to maximize the business value in your project. Shopware and communicode share the same values and principles that we want to convey to our customers.

Therefore, take advantage of our experience from more than 20 years of e-commerce for the success of your project. Shopware and communicode as a certified Gold Partner look forward to helping you realize your goals.

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