CELUM - For the ideal content supply chain

Our customers expect scalability, stability and flexibility from a professional DAM system. CELUM proves these qualities in every project. That is why we value CELUM and have been using it successfully in customer projects for around 20 years.

Why CELUM is a valuable technology partner for communicode

For demanding MAM/DAM projects at enterprise level, a system is required that can be scaled for all current and future challenges. We are convinced of CELUM and are pleased about the long, trusting cooperation.

CELUM has developed from a DAM system into a comprehensive content supply chain platform. It not only manages assets, but also covers the entire content supply chain from creation to playout of all digital assets. CELUM is a high-performance enterprise system that can be fully integrated into any system environment, no matter how complex.

What makes communicode the ideal CELUM service provider

At communicode, we specialize in taking an integrative approach to highly complex technical projects. For us, there is not just this one isolated process, but a network of internal and external systems that have to interact with each other in the best possible way. With regard to CELUM, it is our task to design and digitize the entire content supply chain, because we see it as an essential influencing factor for successful product communication.

As a long-standing and experienced CELUM partner, we are certified by CELUM in all current specialist segments. This gives us the ability and security to develop customer- and success-oriented solutions.

Together with CELUM, we implement customer projects that meet all requirements, no matter how complex. We can capture and understand our customers' digital processes and deliver the necessary automation that optimally complements CELUM's range of services.

communicode is a preferred business and implementation partner