Successful marketing campaigns with Shopware 6

communicode offers a free webinar for marketing decision makers on 9th November
Essen, October 12, 2022

The full-service digital agency communicode AG from Essen will be holding a webinar for online store operators on 9th November. In it, the successful implementation of various marketing campaigns in Shopware 6 and strategically sensible objectives will be considered. The webinar is free of charge for all participants.

E-commerce has experienced a significant upswing as a result of the pandemic and is benefiting significantly from the change in consumer buying behavior. Various store operators have been able to record increasing sales over the last few years as a result. However, this trend alone cannot be relied upon. Customers who do not find the products they want in the store, for example, or who do not feel they are being well looked after in general, quickly switch to another provider.

The reasons for purchases that do not take place or are aborted, as well as the failure to return to the online store, can be attributed to various aspects, such as a lack of discounts, excessively high shipping costs, or a customer approach that misses the mark. In order to increase the shopping cart value of a customer or to basically increase the number of newly registered or returning customers, Shopware 6 offers different tools with which suitable marketing campaigns can be implemented. In its webinar on 9th November, communicode AG will show how store operators can set up these campaigns and provide them with defined goals.

More turnover through marketing features in Shopware

An optimized Customer Experience, paired with special marketing elements, can, for example, prevent shopping cart abandonment, increase the purchase frequency as well as promote the sale of slow mover products. These goals must be considered separately when designing targeted marketing strategies in order to successfully implement the right measures at the respective points in the customer journey. During the webinar, the consultants of communicode AG will use practical examples to show which elements can be used to convince customers to make a final purchase decision as well as to return to the online store, thus increasing the overall success of the online store. Among the sales-promoting elements under Shopware 6 are special discounts, specialized content and the correct placement of products on search results and category pages. A special focus in the webinar will be on the Rule Builder, which can be used in Shopware to automatically apply sales-promoting features to predefined customer groups.

The webinar is primarily aimed at e-commerce decision-makers who want to make their online store even more customer-oriented and sustainably increase their sales. Shopware users will also benefit from the insights provided by the webinar. In addition, they can get a hands-on picture of the benefits that Shopware 6 brings to the table. Following the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to directly contact the consultants in order to discuss their personal business case or also the possible migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 with the experts at communicode.

Interested parties can still register for the free webinar here until the day of the event.
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