Strategy Circle Handel - communicode is business partner at the virtual trade conference

The motto of this year's event is: "The Future of Retail - Staying Competitive in a Data-Driven World
Essen, September 21, 2020

At this year's Strategy Circle Handel, decision-makers and solution providers from e-commerce, AI, communications, customer service and category management will once again meet at the Strategy Circle and look forward to professional exchange at eye level. The virtual event offers participants the opportunity to listen to the speakers' presentations and connect with partners and service providers in a separate room. As a partner of Management Events and digital agency for e-commerce, digital transformation and communication consulting, communicode will also be available as a contact partner with the expertise of its employees.

From pure product sales to solution provider 

The shopping experience for consumers on the internet should be more characterized by trust and security and is occupying the entire retail industry. An optimally developed solution is not primarily aimed at increasing sales in the short term, but enables long-term customer loyalty and targeted customer communication on several levels at once. Those who sell not only products, but also solutions, will be able to count themselves among the successful providers on the World Wide Web in the long term. However, this requires a rethink of old communication structures and the digitization of all relevant processes. It is not uncommon for companies to have teething problems, technical blockades or simply reservations about digital business transformation. It is important for an agency to invalidate these and to bring in its own experience for a justifiably optimistic view into the future of commerce.

The full-service digital agency communicode from Essen lives up to its own claim to be a reliable companion on the digital solution path, to stand by its clients in consulting and continuous delivery and to flexibly respond to individual requirements in every project phase. To this end, all processes from idea to operation have been optimized in order to develop the ideal solution for the customer's business. With an agile way of working and fixed customer teams, optimal customer support is both transparent and efficient, which has delighted the digital agency's customers for years. At the Strategy Circle Handel 2020, communicode's consultants will face the questions of the participants in the virtual room and provide valuable insights into their work and their experiences in the daily e-commerce business. Of particular interest to communicode employees will be the individual focus topics, which the decision makers from the respective companies are dealing with and which opportunities they would like to take advantage of in the future.