SAP CX Focus Day: For a Future-Proof Customer Experience

communicode holds expert lecture on the topic of Commerce and Marketing Cloud
Essen, November 5, 2021

On 19th November, Cpro Industry Projects & Solutions GmbH will organize the first SAP CX Focus Day. In addition to SAP and Cpro itself, communicode will also contribute to the content of the online event with a presentation.

The term "Customer Experience" describes the totality of all factors which can influence the shopping experience of customers in an online store for the better or for the worse. This is where there is often untapped sales potential that can be identified and implemented with the right concept. The result is more customer proximity and thus improved conversion as well as growing sales. At the SAP CX Focus Day, Cpro, SAP, communicode AG as well as other partners will decode the Customer Experience in detail and provide all visitors of the free online event with exciting and useful contents on their way.

communicode lecture: With psychology and UXD to more conversion and increasing turnover

Even if visitors to an online store apparently make their purchase decision based on their gut instinct, this decision is often based on much more profound motivators. Online store operators know the challenge of moving the right "levers" to increase their conversion rate and thus sales. In short: how to optimize the customer experience in their online store. How customers make their choice and which factors play a role in this process, shows us an intensive look into the field of psychology.

For this purpose, communicode AG will shed more light on three psychological principles or mechanisms of action, as well as provide concrete tips for the implementation with the Commerce and Marketing Cloud.

On 19th November, Cpro will give all interested parties the opportunity to directly exchange ideas with the experts on the topic of SAP CX and to discuss their own challenges in more detail in a personal meeting. Interested parties can register for the event here