DMEXCO 2023: Towards the ideal customer journey in B2B

communicode AG with a focus on product communication and efficient data exchange
Essen, August 2, 2023

DMEXCO will take place again in Cologne on September 20th and 21st, 2023, bringing industry leaders, marketing professionals, technology experts and decision-makers together again in one place. communicode AG is represented in Hall 8.1 at Stand WA-303 at DMEXCO.

The event has been a popular platform for professional exchange, intensive business networking and innovative impulses for sustainable digital business for years. As an expert for B2B business and product communication, communicode AG is part of the World of Agencies and is making its own contribution to the supporting program of the event as part of a BVDW guided tour.

High demands on B2B purchasing processes and product communication

In B2B business, customers now expect the same services along the customer journey that are also intended for B2C customers. This is not so easy because there are different target groups, three-tier sales and organizational requirements. In B2B, the buyer is not automatically the decision-maker, and product communication sometimes has to follow other requirements.

In order for qualified leads to come about in B2B business as well, it is necessary to break down the silo mentality of various departments in the company. The individual departments usually pursue their own goals and also use technologies that work in isolation. Data exchange in this heterogeneous system landscape is made more difficult and the different priorities can cause conflicts, which makes the common goal - B2B lead generation - all the more difficult. Innovative change management is required here in order to bring together the work and efficiency of the corporate divisions.

communicode AG actively supports companies in developing and moderating cross-departmental processes in order to achieve better cooperation between departments. The common corporate goal thus moves back to the center of all efforts, using modern IT solutions. These take into account the interests of all departments and create synergies where previously processes were in competition with each other.

Lecture as part of a BVDW guided tour: communicode promotes customer-oriented B2B brand strategies

Those who register at DMEXCO for the BVDW's Guided Tour on the subject of "Customer Journey" can also follow a keynote speech by the experts from communicode, in which the full-service digital agency shares its knowledge of excellent customer journeys in B2B. A special focus is on the different requirements of the customer journey in B2B and B2C business and the resulting different approaches to the optimized purchase process.

The special demands on the B2B sales process are reflected in all points of the customer journey and require extensive examination and coordination between all company departments involved. This is the only way to create customer-oriented marketing strategies in B2B that lead to long-term and successful customer relationships. After the lecture, the visitors have the opportunity to put their questions directly to the experts from communicode and to start a conversation with them.

A deep understanding of the needs of their B2B customers helps companies to develop individual solutions, generate long-term business relationships and thus expand success in B2B business. communicode AG combines conceptual consulting services with the practical implementation of digital brand strategies, taking into account all relevant aspects along the customer journey.

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