CSR Competence Center Ruhr honors communicode AG

Thomas Kopatz appointed CSR ambassador
Essen, September 13, 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR for short, commonly stands for an integrative component of corporate management and describes the commitment of an entire company to topics such as sustainability, social responsibility, ethical guiding principles, compliance with legal requirements and generally a socially minded corporate culture. The CSR Competence Center Ruhr has now appointed Thomas Kopatz of communicode AG from Essen as CSR Ambassador in August and thus honored the activities of the full service digital agency for the establishment and maintenance of its own Corporate Social Responsibility.

Thomas Kopatz, Director for Software Development at communicode, has been committed to the targeted promotion and training of young people since the agency was founded. The numerical ratio of 20 trainees compared to a total of around 100 employees is only one proof of his efforts. In addition, he is regarded internally as a motivator for a sustainable and agile way of working, which at its core has been able to decouple itself from the world of IT in order to be transferable to other areas and industries.

Expertise that grows out of one's own aspirations

Thomas Kopatz has distinguished himself as an enthusiast for the New Work topic and has promoted it at communicode. This is particularly evident in the so-called Corporate Volunteering, which is partly lived at communicode AG thanks to his impulses. The active technological, economic and social co-design of the company by its own employees creates long-term satisfaction and increased commitment. The economic success of communicode AG thus rests on a further supporting pillar, which in turn regularly underpins and further enlivens the mission statement and corporate culture within the agency.

In this context, communicode AG follows a self-image, which has been established for many years, of dealing sustainably with its own employees, partners, clients and available resources. This includes, among other things, the recognition and promotion of competences as well as the communication of social values through entrepreneurial work.

Thomas Kopatz is all the more pleased to have been named a CSR ambassador: "During the workshops and discussions, we realized that we are already doing a lot in terms of CSR and were not aware of it. We are on the right track and it is nice to have this reflected in the same way. ".

It is precisely this way of thinking which is reflected in the work of the full-service digital agency and which has led to economic and ethical stability over the years. For communicode AG, these factors, in addition to the usual compliance, are part of the daily work and thus lead to always keeping the human being in the center of efforts, despite all technical tasks and projects.

Thomas Kopatz gladly accepts the award and considers himself and communicode AG equally responsible to meet the demands of this award also in the future as part of this society: "We know that we have by no means reached the end of our potential. We are continuously working on good cooperation, internally, with our customers and as part of our society. Taking responsibility and creating sustainability remains one of our most important goals. ".