communicode realizes Deichmann relaunch

In fall 2009, Deichmann decided to give its entire website a new look and feel. Now it is going live.
Essen, November 18, 2010

In autumn 2009, Deichmann decided to give their complete internet presence a new look & feel. communicode supported the leading shoe retailer in all questions of technological implementation - from setting up the server infrastructure to the connection of a new store system. The new website is now available on the net.

The project focused on technical innovations that not only increase usability for Deichmann customers, but also reduce the maintenance effort for employees. The website was implemented using the Enterprise Web Content Management System from Open Text, formerly OpenText CMS. Flash applications, such as those found on the home page, can be maintained in the CMS. Online editors can update or change content and create new tabs without programming knowledge. In addition, there is a generic form system. This can be used to set up and maintain forms quickly and easily, for example for competitions.

The new store system was connected to the CMS via interfaces. In addition, modules for product presentation were developed. In this way, the store content can also be embedded without much effort. In addition, an image and media database was connected to the CMS using Adobe Scene 7, which enables a direct link between Deichmann's online catalog and the e-shop.

The website's search function was also renewed. There is now a search index that is supplied by both the store system and the CMS and can thus show the customer a comprehensive search result that can include texts from the company website as well as products from the store. With the new trend blog, Deichmann offers its customers a very special service. This blog was integrated into the website as a separate system and presents the latest fashion trends to the user. To this end, the blog was linked to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and Youtube videos can also be integrated into the blog in the simplest way possible.