communicode - Partner of the Project Network Strategy Summit B2B E-Commerce & Omnichannel

communicode will show on 26/27 June in Berlin how agile Product Information Management can work.
Essen, May 22, 2017

On June 26/27, 2017, Project Networks' Strategy Summit in Berlin will present 20 best-practice case studies from the field and offer opportunities to shed light on one's own e-commerce status with benchmarks within the industry in workshops, round tables and one-on-one discussions.

E-commerce is more than just an online store

Embedded in digital marketing and sales strategy, e-commerce is an essential sales and communication channel not only for B2C but also in the B2B environment. Data from structured and unstructured sources, channels, technical efforts and the networking of market participants will continue to increase. A convincing customer approach can only be achieved through relevance, personalization, cross-channel communication and customer-centric services in real time. Reduced time and increased efficiency at lower costs, while at the same time demanding "more" in terms of high-quality communication, are key factors for companies to remain competitive in the future. Companies need to make elementary changes quickly and in addition to their day-to-day business: Project implementation methods, data bases, technical systems and processes must be brought into line with the changed market requirements.

Customer - Service Provider - Software: The Agile Solution Team

The Project Networks Strategy Summit on June 26/27, 2017 at the Mövenpick Hotel Berlin will bring together specialists from the manufacturer, service provider and customer sides for a joint exchange. Here, Michael Ochtrop - Principal Consultant of communicode AG - will show agile solution approaches for the development of product data models for today's omni-channel requirements using the example of the interaction between infuniq-pure and Shopware. This combination will not only improve backup, update and maintenance of product information for store operators. At the same time, high-quality, granularly usable data models are created in a central product information base at enterprise level. In this way, requirement-oriented data bases are created outside of the store and ERP, which can cover the most diverse information requirements and characteristics with regard to target groups, markets, languages and channels in a differentiated manner. The communicode workshop "Agile Product Information Management - in simple steps from PIM to E-Commerce" with Mr. Ochtrop will take place at the Project Networks on 27th June from 12:00 hrs with workshop number 7 in room 2.

An agile approach to projects and far-reaching change processes requires not only agile-motivated customers and service providers, but also appropriate software solutions that fundamentally support the agile approach. Criteria here include: low investment and operating costs, no long-term commitment, cloud support, networkability, scalability, ease of use, and rapid availability and productive usability for a fast ROI.

Combined, such solutions can solve essential aspects of Digital Transformation and manage them in an agile way.