communicode opens its hybrid working world at the new location in the south of Essen

In Wittekindstraße 1a, Essen the digital agency finds a new home and realizes its vision of a multifunctional and hybrid working world there.
Essen, April 24, 2023

Since the beginning of the year, communicode AG has been based not far from the RÜ in the south of Essen. The move to new premises is the result of a development accelerated by the pandemic, which was characterized by home office and remote work. The resulting advantages for people and companies are well known, as are the disadvantages. Flexible working with a better quality of life and employee recruitment beyond regional borders are set against the lack of personal contact. Topics such as further education, inspiration and corporate culture challenge the organization more than ever. Therefore, the management of communicode initiated far-reaching changes, which also included a new company location.

Time for sustainable changes

Since 2003, the agency has been committed to making its clients more successful digitally. More than ever, digitalization projects are subject to strong dynamics: In addition to great results, agilely designed change processes as well as partnership-based cooperation with clients are among the success factors today.
The communicode management is convinced that a motivating environment for employees, in which mobile working and an attractive, multifunctional space concept at the location optimally complement each other, pays off equally for the company and its clients.

From person to person

Although mobile working has been a lived practice at communicode since the pandemic, surveys among employees have shown that the need for personal contact, cooperation and exchange with colleagues exists in different forms. Accordingly, there are three target groups at communicode, which the management wanted to satisfy in equal measure. In a requirements profile, the wishes of the employees as well as the objectives of the management were outlined. As a result, a sustainable, hybrid working environment should be created, which is characterized by knowledge exchange and promotion, social interaction, compatibility of work and family as well as an attractive company headquarters.

communicode on the way to its hybrid working world

The project "New Home" started during the pandemic with the selection of partners for real estate search and interior design. Together with Christian Hartmann and Jonas Bruckmann from Ruhr Real GmbH, the criteria regarding size and quality of the desired space were worked out. At the same time, communicode placed an order with citizenoffice GmbH, Düsseldorf based specialist for Office & New Work, for the conception and design of the new workspace, which is to offer clients and employees concrete added value at the location in the future as a supplement to "Remote Work". To this end, the two workspace developers Andrea Blume and Andrea Steckner conducted intensive workshops with representatives from all teams and the various roles in the company to identify needs and discuss ideas for new working environments: Co-working, undisturbed work, video calls and hybrid meetings with diverse requirements for equipment and atmosphere, are just a few examples. Socializing, workshops and events for learning and celebrating together also had to find a place.

“New Home” for “New Work”

After an intensive joint search, the management of communicode decided with great enthusiasm in favor of the 3rd upper floor in Wittekindstraße 1a in 45131 Essen.

"From the very beginning, the project "New Home" was exposed to a strong pressure for change from the outside. The people involved at Ruhr Real understood this and gave us great support. Thus, even during the real estate search, we constantly questioned the requirements for size and equipment. In parallel, the workspace developers developed our individual location concept together with the communicoders. This was important because we work in interdisciplinary teams which have very different requirements. Thus, everyone was involved and informed in the development process from the very beginning. The professionalism and empathy of the partners Ruhr Real and citzenoffice contributed significantly to the success of the project and the result", summarizes Kerstin Wilke, Director Marketing communicode.

During the development of the interior concept, the focus was on multifunctionality and diversity. The necessary conversion of the entire floor was carried out in close coordination with the owner. In line with its 20th anniversary, the digital agency communicode AG has found a "new home" here and is realizing its individual vision of a (location) where all forms of living and working are harmoniously intertwined.