communicode automates duka catalog production

The leading shower cubicle manufacturer duka has already decided to optimize its product communication in 2009. communicode is responsible for the consulting of the company as well as the conceptual design and implementation of the project.
Essen, April 12, 2010

The product price lists have been combined and the maintenance of product information has been simplified. The new price lists will be introduced from April.

Redesigned product catalogs and processes

The project focused on the redesign of the price catalogs. duka offers a product range of over 40,000 products, which are offered market-specifically in currently seven languages throughout Europe. In order for the customer to still be able to get all relevant individual information on the different cabin types at a glance, all relevant information was integrated into a single table in each case. In a first project phase, communicode implemented the Product Information Management System infuniq® of infuniq systems GmbH. For this purpose, the existing product data of duka was consolidated in the basic module infuniq®pure in order to be able to maintain and manage all product information in a central and media neutral system in the future. The extension module infuniq®print then ensured the automated output of the information into a printable price list catalog.

With infuniq®print, page planning can be carried out. In this process, the elements from infuniq®pure are determined that are ultimately to be printed on the catalog page. In this way, the customer can find the most important information, i.e. the price and availability of a product, right away - and this with combination options with 12 glass types and 15 color variants. In this way, duka is equipping itself for the future: thanks to the simple processing and publication of product information, business processes are becoming increasingly automated.

This not only saves time and costs, but also increases sales.

For the implementation of the project, duka relied on the long-standing experience of the multichannel service provider. communicode is an expert for product communication with the core competences Product Information Management, Content Management and E-Commerce. Reference clients include renowned companies such as Breuninger, Deichmann, Osram, Roland, Schroff, Tupperware, Wilo and others.

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For more information about the agile PIM solution infuniq please visit the infuniq website.

About duka AG

In 1979, today's duka AG started as a one-man company in a South Tyrolean garage. Today, duka AG is a family business with more than 300 employees. duka showers are unique pieces which on the one hand reflect the individuality of the buyer and on the other hand adorn bathrooms as pieces of jewellery. A shower enclosure from duka is a piece of high-tech whose sophisticated inner workings ensure comfort, safety and durability.