communicode at the DMEXCO @home

communicode will demonstrate at DMEXCO 2021 how psychology creates success in e-commerce.
Essen, August 26, 2021

Every year, DMEXCO brings together decision-makers and visionaries from the digital industry to share their expertise with partners and guests. This year, the trade conference is a virtual event that nevertheless focuses on lively participation in workshops and networking. The conference will take place on September 7 and 8, 2021. As a full-service digital agency, communicode AG will be represented with a virtual booth and will be available as a contact for all participants.

Psychology and e-commerce

Commerce on the internet has always had to overcome the physical distance to the customer and at least anticipate his needs, in order to sell products successfully and also to be able to bind customers to the online store in the long term. For this purpose, new tools, principles and mechanisms are constantly being developed, which are supposed to provide more transparency, a better Customer Experience or at least detailed product information. communicode will demonstrate at the DMEXCO with a small excursion into psychology that an interdisciplinary approach can indeed be promising. In his lecture, communicode will give a small insight into simple but effective principles which should help online store operators to offer their customers better offers and more convincing shopping experiences.

Virtually accessible for everyone

communicode AG will be represented at the DMEXCO @home with a virtual exhibition stand. Interested parties can inform themselves about the full-service digital agency, directly contact the consultants via chat or video call and arrange live meetings.

DMEXCO is always a particularly interesting venue for communicode to enter into new successful partnerships and to gain impulses for the digital market of the future. With his presentation, the agency, for its part, would like to emphasize the interest in a productive cooperation as an added value in the client project.