communicode and IAW Bochum start cooperation

communicode and the students of the IAW at the University of Bochum use the practical week for synergetic cooperation.
Essen, May 17, 2022

Gain in knowledge and potential for optimization for everyone involved

Essen, May 17, 2022

In a few cases it is possible to optimize your own established process patterns in the company or to partially replace them with more up-to-date principles of action without an objective view from the outside. The full-service digital agency communicode from Essen is consistently pursuing the further development of its internal processes. As part of a long-term cooperation, communicode is currently using the so-called "practice week" of the Institute for Ergonomics at the Ruhr University in Bochum for mutual synergy.

Established project for practical teaching content

The practical weeks of the IAW at the Ruhr University Bochum serve both the teachers and the students of the master's courses to apply the learned content in operational practice and to test it for its added value. For this purpose, the students visit medium-sized companies and corporations and work out the development potential together with them and give concrete recommendations for action. As part of the Master of organizational Management course, nine students at communicode have undertaken the analysis of an existing process section. In this way, they not only got to know the company, but were also able to apply their theoretical expertise directly in the business world. This combination of theory and practice has become firmly established with the practical weeks at the IAW. It offers students the attractive opportunity to look beyond pure theory and to gain valuable insights for their later professional life in senior positions.

Welcome development opportunities

For companies like communicode AG, the practical weeks of the IAW are a welcome project. The digital economic sector is a dynamic and change-determined field, which additionally drives the search for new development potential at communicode. The joint commitment with the IAW brings together needs that reflect and enrich each other and adapt to the current conditions of the market. So it is the wish at communicode to integrate the agility practiced in customer projects even more strongly within the company. The openness of all those involved to the identified potential is all the greater.

During the practical week, the students were able to impress everyone involved at communicode with their analytical and structured approach. They recorded the processes and their connections with professional sensitivity and were able to specifically formulate appropriate recommendations for action. So it is the logical conclusion for communicode AG to expand this cooperation into a long-term partnership and to further nurture the synergies in relation to competencies and knowledge gain.

The shared look into the future

After the first joint practice week in March, the next cooperation project will follow in May. This time, the exchange of knowledge and internal communication within the company are the focus of the analyses: What has changed in terms of the informal exchange of knowledge as a result of mobile working in the company? How can cross-team knowledge and information transfer be organised? To show just two of the questions at hand. These shed light on aspects that are particularly important and crucial for all projects in the IT industry. The communicode AG employees are all the more excited about the results of the joint efforts and are already looking forward to further practical weeks and further support for the students at the IAW.

About the Institute for Ergonomics

The IAW at the Ruhr University in Bochum is dedicated to the holistic and interdisciplinary management education of its students and relies on interactive, mutual learning within the framework of coached self-study. Scientific findings from the Organizational Management course prepare the students for taking on managerial functions and acting as managers in companies. For this purpose, the IAW repeatedly enters into cooperations with companies from industry, trade and services in order to be able to check and optimize their theoretical basics directly in practical application. Recognized and qualified lecturers accompany the students during their training and support them in developing and expanding their professional skills.

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