communicode again partner at the strategy summit "B2B E-Commerce & E-Business" of project networks

On 20th and 21st May 2019, the strategy summit "B2B E-Commerce & E-Business" will take place at the Titanic Chaussee Hotel in Berlin. Under the title "Agile PIM meets E-Commerce - from content to customer" communicode invites to a workshop on the 1st day
Essen, May 8, 2019

The B2B event will feature a program of best practice presentations, workshops and intensive discussions between solution providers and retailers. As a special highlight, the B2B Marketing Transformation Event will take place in parallel. Participants and partners will benefit from the overarching themes, guided tours, as well as strategies and visions on several stages. In addition to initial e-commerce strategies, omnichannel scenarios are also being designed in B2B today. Away from the continuous, digital transformation of the core business, interesting potentials for new business models and services are opening up for companies. Processes, powerful technology and relevant information must work together to support the business partner in every phase of the sale. In the process, the boundaries between e-business and brick-and-mortar retail are becoming increasingly blurred. Companies must understand that all business units and partners in the value chain jointly generate e-business success along the customer journey.

Data is the raw material for Marketing Automation

In the workshop, communicode's consultants will show where relevant information is generated everywhere in the company, how it can be merged and which hurdles typically have to be overcome in order to meet the requirements for an Omnichannel concept. The next step is to interpret this data in order to derive appropriate marketing actions. In order to cope with the complexity and the amount of data, the automation of content processes is required. Nothing then stands in the way of a personalized customer approach in conjunction with user-friendly services. In addition to reliable customer information, a Product Information Management strategy is the basis for consistent omnichannel communication. communicode knows from experience that the success of such projects goes hand in hand with the acceptance of the changes within the company. Therefore, at the project networks Strategy Summit, we will present Agile PIM, a Change Management method, which makes projects manageable and involves all users and stakeholders involved. An agile approach in projects requires not only agile-motivated customers and service providers, but also flexible software solutions that fundamentally support this approach. In our workshop "Agile PIM meets e-commerce - from content to customer" at the Strategy Summit, we provide insights into the agile methodology and show solutions for PIM implementation and data and process optimization.

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