communicode AG continues to be programmed for growth

Personnel changes in the Supervisory Board strengthen management competence. communicode AG, an established provider of software-based e-business and omnichannel communication solutions and IT services, recorded another successful business year as per Jun

Essen, July 8, 2014

With meanwhile 80 employees, communicode AG achieved a group turnover of around € 6 million, which corresponds to an increase in turnover of more than 30 % compared to the previous year and ends the second year in its legal form as a public limited company with an above average business result.

By converting the KG into a stock corporation, the shareholders deliberately laid the foundation for a corporate structure that will continue to be growth-oriented. This is also accompanied by the continuous expansion and professionalization of the management structures. The Executive Board and company management want to continue to benefit from the growth market of e-business and omnichannel communication solutions through a strategy geared towards sustainability and long-term market assertion. The core tasks in the coming financial year - further focusing activities and expansion of the company's strengths - will be further supported by two strategic appointments to the Supervisory Board.

Dr. Jochen Melchior and Dr.-Ing. Fritz C. Schmidt were newly appointed with effect from June 30, 2014 and complete the Supervisory Board together with Volker Scholz. The new Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Melchior, brings with him extensive experience from many years as a member of the Executive Board and numerous supervisory board mandates. Among other things, he was Chairman of the Executive Board of Steag AG for a long time. The new Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr.-Ing. Fritz Schmidt, will also make available to the company the expertise he has gained in various mandates on both corporate management and supervisory boards. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of the Company look forward to working together on strategic and entrepreneurial impetus to maintain the current growth course in the future.

At the end of the fiscal year 2013/14, the previous CEO Axel Helbig left the company on June 30. He is a co-founder of communicode and has thus significantly contributed to the success story of the past 11 years. Together with the supervisory board and the board of directors, Helbig has been planning and carefully preparing his departure for quite some time.

The Supervisory Board acknowledged Helbig's outstanding commitment to communicode, the shareholders and the staff as well as his entrepreneurial successes. In this context, the shareholders also thanked both Mr. Helbig and the now retired members of the Supervisory Board for their valuable and tireless commitment to the company in every respect.

Stefan Belmann will continue to lead the company strategically in his role as Executive Board member. He will continue to be supported by the members of the Executive Board Armin Peiker (Chief Financial Officer) and Ingo Eck (Chief Business Development Officer). The management team is completed by Thomas Kopatz (Head of Development), Reiner Bittner (Head of Project Management Office) and, since July 4, 2014, by Kerstin Wilke in her role as the new Head of Marketing & Sales.