Agile PIM meets shopware - solutions that grow with you

The full-service digital agency will be demonstrating how agile product information management works in conjunction with Shopware at Internet World from March 6-7, 2018.
Essen, February 14, 2018

communicode AG complements the Shopware universe at Internet World 2018 as co-exhibitor.

From 6th to 7th March, the full-service digital agency will show how agile Product Information Management works in combination with Shopware. "Agile PIM meets shopware - solutions that grow with you" is communicode's topic at Internet World 2018. The full-service digital agency will complement the Shopware universe as sponsor and co-exhibitor in hall A6 at Shopware booth B035 from March 6 to 7, 2018 and will present the interaction between the e-commerce platform shopware and the PIM system infuniq.

The motto of the Internet World trade fair 2018 is "The Future of Commerce". Even now in today's networked, globalized business world, product information has a special significance for B2B and B2C commerce. Tidy data is essential for flawless communication and at the same time the basis for the e-commerce trends of tomorrow. Agile implementation methods with iterative results and also software that supports the agile way of working through functions and conditions are the answer for a fast, targeted implementation of current requirements. The agile approach to projects and profound change processes requires software solutions that support the agile approach. Criteria here are primarily: cloud support, networkability, scalability, ease of use, fast availability and productive usability. Combined, such solutions manage essential aspects of the entrepreneurial digital transformation and provide companies with a head start on the market.

At the trade fair, communicode AG will present agile solution approaches for the rapid development of product data models for today's omnichannel requirements and will combine agilely implemented Product Information Management with the e-commerce platform Shopware. This connection not only optimizes backup, update and maintenance work on product information for Shopware operators. At the same time, high-quality data models that can be used in multiple ways are created in a central product information source at enterprise level, which can be used equally for many channels, stores and sub-shops. In this way, requirement-oriented data bases are created in addition to the e-commerce platform and merchandise management, which can cover the most diverse information requirements and characteristics with regard to target groups, markets, languages and channels in a differentiated manner.

Trade fair visitors can make individual appointments for a demonstration of the new infuniq PIM connector to Shopware at the e-mail address and learn about the advantages of agile management methods and best practices based on infuniq and Shopware.