Shopware 5 to 6 migration - the better way

communicode gives recommendations for action in a free webinar

On April 20, 2023, the full-service digital agency communicode AG from Essen will hold a webinar on the successful migration of complex online shops from Shopware 5 to the current version 6. The webinar is free of charge for all participants and is intended to show shop operators a simplified and automated change. Interested parties can register with this link.

System change practically without alternative

Shopware will discontinue support for version 5 as early as 2024. The software provider made this known a few years ago. The current shop system Shopware 6 was able to assert itself on the market thanks to its innovative features and the user- and customer-friendly handling and is constantly being further developed. Therefore, all work should now flow into Shopware 6 in order to meet the requirements of end customers and technological change.

A migration from Shopware 5 to 6 offers the shop operator only advantages, since the current shop system has all the important tools for successful marketing campaigns and efficient product management. In addition, there is basically no alternative to a migration, since the continuous use of Shopware 5 is possible, but will no longer be fully secure legally and technically due to the lack of support in the future. In addition, shop operators miss out on valuable potential for successful product sales.

communicode relies on automation during migration

A well-planned migration is particularly important for online shops with a rather complex and extensive product portfolio. Shopware 6 is not just a small update package, but the software basis is a fundamentally new shop system compared to its predecessor. The system no longer only offers simple landing pages and content pages but combines them in the worlds of experience that must be built and designed from scratch.

communicode AG sees itself as an experienced service provider in e-commerce regarding the relevance of products presented in a targeted manner and the use of the features of a shop system intended for this purpose. That is why the migration offer includes not only the transfer of all product and customer data but also the additional migration and setup of all important functions for successful product marketing. In particular, landing pages, shop pages, e-mail templates and custom forms are elements that cannot be moved to the new shop system at the push of a button without specialized support. The transfer of the data itself takes place at communicode via an automated process that simplifies the migration and promotes the prompt and unrestricted operation of Shopware 6.

During the free webinar, the consultants from communicode will show the simplified migration path and its advantages and give valuable tips for a seamless and successful operation of Shopware 6. Interested parties can register with this link.