Individualizing the Customer Journey with Shopware

In a free webinar on February 18th, communicode will show how the Rule Builder in the Shopware worlds of experience helps to achieve successful customer loyalty.

Essen, January 21, 2021

Customer loyalty is of great importance for online retail. A buyer who comes back at a later date to make another purchase is a gain for a store operator in several respects. This requires needs-oriented customer communication. Individualized offers and content help to achieve this goal. In a free webinar on 18th February, communicode will show how the Rule Builder can be used in the Shopware worlds of experience in order to adapt content and offers to specific customer groups.

In the webinar, we will discuss how the Rule Builder can be used to individualize the worlds of experience in such a way that a unique and customized Customer Journey is created. To this end, we will draw on practical use cases and use them to demonstrate how easy it is to target customers. Our consultant defines individual customer groups and the conditions under which certain content and offers are played out. Viewers of the webinar will not only gain an interesting insight into the current Shopware version, but will also receive a practical blueprint for optimizing the customer journey in their own online store.

The new Shopware version has only been in the running since mid-December and already offers some interesting features that store operators can use to maximize their success. The more individual and appealing the shopping experience is for the end customer, the more likely they are to make a long-term commitment to the online store, in addition to making their first purchase. With the Rule Builder, Shopware provides store operators with a powerful marketing tool that, when used efficiently, can ensure an exciting customer journey.

The webinar is especially interesting for store operators and frontend/backend developers who want to achieve successful customer loyalty and a lively customer journey. Our consultant will be happy to answer your own concerns and questions in a personal meeting after the webinar in order to find an appealing solution for these challenges as well. You can register for the webinar here.