Implementing Product Information Management Agilely.

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With Agile PIM, communicode has developed a Change Management method which introduces complex data worlds and collaborative processes for Product Information Management in manageable steps for companies.

Today's globally networked markets bring with them changing legal and economic framework conditions for product communication. Emancipation, networking and digitalization of every single market participant result in new requirements and threats for the own company. At the same time, these circumstances offer many opportunities to extend your own lead and inspire customers.

We will tell you how to communicate faster, more customer-centric and more multilayered with Agile PIM. You will become more visible in the market, increase your reach and become more attractive to your customers than your competitors. Product Information Management makes it easier to conquer new markets quickly and to react adequately to changes. Optimizations are possible at any time and new requirements are welcome.

The advantages for agile Product Information Management are obvious:

  • Conceptual weaknesses are identified early in this way and enable early intervention to eliminate expensive causal chains as early as possible.
  • Additional potentials and added values are identified.
  • The company gains relevant and real insights and next iterations can be evaluated more accurately from their own experience.
  • More project acceptance and gradual culture change in the company
  • Parallele Schulungen und Trainings mit Live-Daten sorgen für flache Lernkurven und transparentes Change-Management.
  • Project stability, time advantage and an earlier return on investment.

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