B2B challenges and possible solutions in 43 minutes

A podcast about the status quo of the digital economy of German companies.

Martin Groß-Albenhausen (Deputy Managing Director | Bundesverband E-Commerce & Versandhandel e.V.) and Michael Wolfframm (Director Digital Experience & Business | communicode AG) talk about the current status and the digital challenges for B2B companies.

Medium-sized and enterprise companies are struggling on many fronts: changing legislation, requirements of general globalization, dependencies in supply chains, fulfillment processes and increasing requirements in terms of user experience and profitability have to be reconciled. Sustainability and one's own Co2 footprint are becoming increasingly decisive for competition. Change often goes hand in hand with a cultural reorientation of the company.

How can companies use it creatively and generate added value for customers? How far are companies in their digitization? Which processes still make sense or need to be adapted? How can the systems used support companies? How can the use of A.I. technologies help? And anyway: Which topics are important now and how do companies create the decisive transformation processes?

The speakers in the podcast devote themselves to these questions and possible solutions, highlighting the basic requirements for effective changes.

The signs generally point to adaptation and rethinking in companies.

Information, knowledge and data arise in large quantities everywhere and need to be exchanged, managed and applied skillfully in order to accelerate processes and satisfy customers. Not only because of the Corona crisis, companies have increasingly uncovered weaknesses, dangers and optimization potential - existing information structures are often the greatest obstacles.

Martin Groß-Albenhausen and Michael Wolfframm exchange in this 43-minute podcast about the status quo, experiences, difficulties and potentials of German companies - once from the perspective of the federal association and from the perspective of an implementing full-service digital agency for e-commerce and digital Transformation.

(The Podcast is in German Language)