Webinar on November 9: Successful Marketing Campaigns with Shopware 6

Every store owner knows the problem: How do we manage to increase our sales from the last business year? More products? More investments in advertisements? Lower prices? These are thoughts that are too generally reflected as a well-known "watering can principle" and relate little concretely to targeted measures to fully exploit the existing sales potential.
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More concrete questions help to formulate goals and pursue them more efficiently:

  • How do we increase the number of registered customers?
  • How do we increase the purchase frequency of our customers?
  • How do we increase the value of the shopping cart?
  • Can we promote the sale of slow-mover products?

This results in specific recommendations for action and measures, for which Shopware provides a variety of tools and campaigns. We would like to take a closer look at these in our webinar on November 9 and provide all viewers with valuable tips and recommendations on how you can get more out of your sales potential with focused campaigns.

During the webinar, our consultants will use real-world examples to show how you can cleverly use discounts, deadlines, content, emails, category pages, search results and offers for individual marketing campaigns to keep prospects and customers happy. In the process, we'll additionally go over special features that Shopware 6 brings to the table to help you maximize your sales.

Register now for the webinar and don't miss any of the exciting inspiration for your online store's success. The webinar will be moderated by Pia Mannel and Jacqueline Brackmann.

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