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In our free webinar, we'll look at several showcases with Shopware where customizations can be made using the proven Rule Builder.
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Customized Customer Experience: With Shopware to a Personalized Shopping Experience

A sustainable customer relationship is one of the highest goals in e-commerce. Satisfied customers who feel that their needs are understood are happy to return to the online store of their choice and buy again. A personalized customer experience can contribute to this goal in a number of ways.

In our free webinar, we will look at various showcases with Shopware in which customizations can be made using the proven Rule Builder. The Rule Builder lets the user define different conditions and create rules using these conditions. These rules can be applied to various sections of the customer journey, so that some aspects in the buying process can be customized to a defined customer group.

Our webinar is designed for store operators who want to tailor their own store and the customer journey it contains to their customers. This offers the potential not only to generate new customers from leads, but also to bind them to the online store in the long term. Following our webinar, our consultant will be happy to answer your questions and address your personal concerns.