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With psychology to a better Customer Experience. communicode invites interested e-commerce experts and Shopware users to a free webinar.
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In the upcoming webinar, communicode AG will be dealing in detail with the question of how store operators can do even better justice to being human in online shopping. When it comes to the right offer at the right time, so that prospective customers buy, psychology provides information about the motivation and behavior of users. In the webinar, various possibilities are clearly explained using best practices in the Shopware e-commerce system.

The duty: data-driven marketing

The behavior of users at all venues of a brand can be analyzed very well today with the help of data mining and its evaluation. Marketers are increasingly using these insights with automated solutions in their customer acquisition measures. However, this often leads to a multitude of offers and promotions overwhelming consumers and causing them to abandon the buying process.

The Freestyle: Empathic Customer Experience

What motivates the store visitor to buy and which incentives an online store can offer, communicode will illuminate in the webinar on the basis of three psychological principles. In this context, the current Shopware software will be used with a number of functions which can be easily and effectively combined.

The participants will specifically learn how knowledge of the so-called jam paradox (Paradox of Choice), human memory as well as customer evaluations (Social Proofs) can be utilized in order to achieve a better customer experience and thus sell more successfully online. 

Webinar Highlights:

  • Psychology: 3 behavioral principles 
  • Best Practices: Examples of successful stores 
  • Hands on: Implementation in Shopware 

The webinar is interesting for e-shop operators with and without Shopware experience, web designers and marketing managers.

Pia Mannel

communicode AG