communicode and Cpro were live:

We show how the SAP Cloud Platform Integration can be used as a link between SAP ERP and the SAP Commerce Cloud to achieve more transparency and automation in the company.

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) is the ideal way to connect your SAP ERP and the SAP Commerce Cloud and to digitize your IT infrastructure sustainably. Important processes are automated in the end-to-end process and are therefore much more transparent, which gives decision-makers more freedom to take care of the essential processes in daily business.

In many companies, an IT system landscape that has grown historically is in use, which is often not yet fully networked. Elaborately programmed interfaces require regular maintenance and constant new adjustments. Especially with changes in the market, the existing interfaces and functionalities must also be looked at. In our SAP Master Class, Thomas Kopatz from communicode and Eyüp Caliskan from Cpro use a practical example to show how the new SAP Cloud Platform Integration can be optimally used for faster response times and transparent processes while at the same time saving high development costs.

We explain how the path to online trading can be successfully achieved by connecting classic data masters from SAP ERP to the SAP Commerce Cloud. The material master is replicated here in real time, without ignoring file formats and web standards. These and systems from third-party providers can be connected to the SAP Cloud Platform just as easily, so that companies do not have to fear any data loss here. For this purpose, SAP provides numerous ready-made integration processes to make the connection even faster and easier.