Strategies for digital success in the fashion business: Find out how you can skilfully combine e-commerce basics and develop your digital look into haute couture in omnichannel marketing. communicode's Best Practices and SAP Hybris serve as models.

Find out about the challenges our fashion customers face on their digital run way. Using practical examples, we will show you how to design and professionally present a digital collection for your company and brand.

The solutions from SAP Hybris support you in opening up new markets (business models) and in keeping up with modern technology trends. Complete the look: If you want to look good on the (multi) omnichannel catwalk, you also need convincing change management in the organization. In dialogue with the colleagues involved, we discuss how communicode, as a full-service agency, can meet the various interests of the customer and lead digital projects to success.

  • A look behind the scenes: initial situation with the customer and his motivation
  • Success factors and risks in comparison with the digital strategy
  • SAP Hybris as an all-in-one solution for agile multichannel marketing
  • Insights, improvement potential and outlook - the show must go on
  • Q&A