Few sectors are being forced to rethink their usual business models as much as the energy sector is due to external influences. New environmental regulations, the nuclear phase-out and the move away from fossil fuels, combined with the promotion of renewable energies, present energy suppliers with the challenge of driving the transformation of their business areas and processes even faster than they already do. The maintenance of customer relationships on a digital level is particularly affected here. But the energy sector in particular has enormous potential to meet these challenges.

The energy industry is facing up to these digital challenges: - Data protection-compliant further use of user data - Linking of individual portals and pages - Product related cross-selling - Awkward usability for the user - Offline completion of online processes - Tracking problems due to missing structure - Missing information about products and services - Lack of added value compared to comparison portals - Self-restraint by outdated systems The hurdles for the energy sector are numerous, and it is difficult to work out the solutions on your own. Basically, the energy supplier has all the trump cards in his own hands, which he can optimally play with the right e-commerce solution. A good information structure is the key

The "How do we do it?", namely presenting the right information at the right time in the right place to the right target group, poses a problem for many web service providers and energy suppliers. These are often identical for different providers: - Customer data is located in different systems/storage locations and is not available centrally in one place - Extensive customer data is available, but this cannot be adequately collected, analyzed and interpreted in order to be able to address the respective customer groups in a tailor-made way to their respective needs - Perhaps there is not enough customer data available, so that a target group-specific approach or personalized marketing campaigns are not possible for this reason - The company's online presence and the actual portal are two separate instances. A uniform customer experience cannot be offered if the customer jumps off, for example - The online sale of services and energy products is not going as desired. However, stumbling blocks for customers cannot be uncovered due to poor or non-existent analysis tools. Under these circumstances, planning and executing a campaign properly becomes difficult, if not impossible.

With knowledge and service to the new brand image

The linchpin for turning to better ways of thinking and selling is your own website, the industry-independent digital shop window of every company. Since the price screw for tariffs can hardly be tightened any further by the well-known comparison portals, it is a good way to make yourself interesting online with services and extras. According to the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW), regionality, branding and building trust are the cornerstones that small energy suppliers in particular should focus on in order to reposition themselves in the price war. E-mobility solutions, photovoltaic planning and home automation are only a fraction of the possibilities to increase the sales and turnover potential and to increase up- and cross-selling. The targeted offer of information, knowledge and personal service makes the difference. For example, if the topic of electromobility has been on everyone's lips for a long time, not least because of the negative press surrounding diesel, energy suppliers should ask themselves whether they want to continue to position themselves as electricity providers in this area. The potential of new services and benefits is enormous and can increase success even in the short term.

Time to act – communicode provides expertise

The solution to the hurdles mentioned: complicated and expensive? No, because overcoming all these challenges is only partially a matter of marketing budget. communicode supports you with the right mix of many years of consulting expertise in a wide variety of industries as well as the technical know-how to cover all subject areas from the first consultation through the selection of technology to the implementation and support of your customers and systems.

As a full-service digital agency, we cover all the important factors of your digital progress: - Consulting - User experience design - Software development - Project management - Service management - Operations - digital marketing This eliminates the need for extensive agreements with external service providers. Your ideas and goals are made transparent by us at an early stage and can be put into practice together with us. ## Success faster with communicode and Shopware We are certified experts and partner agency of Shopware and can only recommend the modern shop system made in Germany for your entry or transition into the digital world.

Shopware stands for: - A modern and easy-to-use shop system with numerous individual extensions and connections to third-party software - The possibility to create unlimited articles, categories and shopping worlds - responsive, of course - Short time-to-market to save valuable time - Best possible customer care: Customer streams, blog use and the option of sending a newsletter, which are already available as standard, are only a fraction of the customer retention and customer acquisition measures

With just a few clicks you can design an attractive shopping or experience world and stand out from other providers on common comparison portals, of course responsive and optimally displayed on all end devices. We structure your website in such a way that new and existing customers are greeted with a homepage that is personalized according to their intention. With the help of customer streams, we address each customer group individually and thus enable you to have balanced and stronger marketing campaigns. communicode uses the numerous advantages of Shopware to present you and your customers with a customer portal with which you are not only in direct contact but also permanently present in social media and can fully concentrate on your competencies.

Let's continue your success story Benefit from the sale of your digital products and solutions with the joint eCommerce competence of communicode and Shopware. With the consolidation of customer data and systems, we are laying the foundation to find a way out of the price spiral with the functions of Shopware and the service portfolio of communicode. We position your company as the local energy supplier that you are - with all the customer benefits that you have to offer and that you define.

Our core service portfolio includes the following features, which we cover in-house, from the initial consultation with specialist knowledge in the energy sector: - Comprehensive business consulting during and after the project - Installation and hosting of your Shopware solution - for carefree operation - User Experience and User Interface Design – stand out from the crowd - Development of customer journeys for quick knowledge transfer and easy contact for and through your customers - Technical preparation and consulting for SEO, SEM and social media marketing - Multilingual Second Level Customer Service for you and your customers

Your advantage

With us you have a central contact person for all questions relating to your shop. Our distinctive competence lies not only in technology, but above all in understanding the needs of your customers. For more than 16 years, you have received consulting and the realization of your project from a competent source.