In general, Shopware states that it has taken the shopping worlds from Shopware 5 and the numerous comments and requests from the Shopware community further and has optimized its knowledge of Shopware 5. The result is Shopware 6 with, among other things, the new worlds of experience, which will replace the well-known shopping worlds from Shopware 5 in Shopware 6.

Ecommerce and Content Management. With Shopware 6 centrally combined in the worlds of experience

Like many other shop systems, Shopware has so far treated e-commerce and content management separately. The shopping worlds, shop pages and the blog could be found in different places and could not be edited in one place. This has now changed in Shopware 6: In the experience worlds, the e-commerce manager can centrally select which area he would like to work on. Whether category pages, product detail pages, landing pages or blog posts: everything is served from the worlds of experience. It is now controlled centrally in the worlds of experience. With Shopware 6, it is now also possible to publish individual additional content such as images, texts, videos or blog posts on category or product detail pages in addition to product information. Even shopping cart, search result and shop pages such as general terms and conditions can be individually designed within the worlds of experience.

The layout built for the respective page no longer has to be laboriously duplicated in Shopware 6, but can be easily assigned to additional pages directly in the layout with a mouse click. Inappropriate content can be adjusted within the layout for the respective page. General changes, such as deleting or adding a sale banner, are automatically adjusted on all pages that use the corresponding layout.

Many shop operators use a large number of category pages within their shops, so a small manual change - for example that of a headline - would be very pointless. Shopware 6 also has a user-friendly solution here: a so-called data mapping can be stored within the layout at any point where content is used. Various rules can now be used to specify that, for example, the respective category description is used instead of the heading. Of course, this is also possible for images or continuous text.

Design landing pages with completely new possibilities

In addition, the actual use of the worlds of experience and the creation of new and attractive landing pages has been given a completely new look. As with the category or product detail pages, layouts are now designed in Shopware 6, which can also be used for several landing pages. However, what is striking when designing a new layout is that the layout grid, mode and grid no longer have to be set in advance. Here, the e-commerce manager is already relieved of a number of decisions, because he no longer has to worry about which style to choose. Furthermore, the different, pre-designed blocks are immediately noticeable. It is practical that their placeholder content suggests how they will ultimately look before they are used. The blocks are varied combinations of text, image, video or just one of the three. Of course, all blocks are responsive.

The e-commerce manager does not have to spend unnecessary time maintaining the different views for the different devices. Unless he wants to show or hide certain content for mobile users, for example. This can be adjusted in the view of the respective device.

Of course, Shopware has also developed Commerce blocks in addition to the content blocks and provided cross-selling sliders or listing blocks. Since Shopware continues to pursue the open source idea, it is possible to design individual blocks or to optimize the existing blocks.

In our opinion, these innovations are a good way to quickly and effectively create unique landing pages that do not neglect both e-commerce and content management.

Shopware 6 can do a lot more

Another good innovation within the worlds of experience is the navigator. With the help of this navigator, the blocks used can be easily and clearly repositioned within the landing page using drag and drop. Thanks to the new live preview, the newly designed pages can already be checked in the backend without having to be published. That saves a lot of time. Of course, the various devices can also be viewed within the live preview.

With all these innovations within the new Shopware 6 worlds of experience, it is possible to design the entire customer experience individually and to accompany the customer journey from the start with content and commerce from a single source.

The fact that Shopware no longer wants to consider e-commerce and content management separately in its new worlds of experience is noticeable in the interaction of the worlds of experience and the revised "Rule Builder". With the help of the "Rule Builder" it is possible to define customer groups even more finely and, in conjunction with the worlds of experience, to provide target group-specific content on landing pages, blog posts or category or product detail pages. Customers feel that they are perfectly taken care of with regard to their needs and are thus encouraged to buy.

Conclusion on Shopware 6

Overall, the new worlds of experience within the presentations are a real improvement and enrichment compared to the already very good shopping worlds from Shopware 5.

All of the features shown within the new worlds of experience really make work easier for all e-commerce managers. But not only the worlds of experience show themselves from a new, improved side. Shopware 6 has much more to offer in detail.

We are happy to answer your questions and advise you.