Security and scalability are extremely valuable assets, especially for complex and internationally oriented projects in e-commerce. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud drives the development towards more flexibility and cost efficiency. The cloud environment always provides you with all applications and infrastructures to the extent you need, in addition to a wide range of technical services. At the same time, it is always up to you to adapt all resources and services to your needs.

Why move your own online shop to the cloud as SaaS?

Uncomplicated handling

The SAP Commerce Cloud interface is quick and intuitive for your employees to use.

Easily scalable and customisable

The services and resources grow with your company and are always automatically or optionally manually adapted to your needs.

Innovation through innovative technology

Without your own data centre, you can focus your resources on growing your business.

Go live after a short time

The SAP Commerce Cloud preconfigurations enable you to launch your shop from the cloud promptly and cost-effectively.

Cost-effective complete solution The pooling of your resources with a simultaneous technology boost reduces your costs and increases profits in the long term.

Successfully into the Cloud with communicode

Before the actual migration to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is carried out, we are already at your side in an advisory capacity. We take a close look at your e-commerce project and work with you to determine the necessity and feasibility of a successful migration. In doing so, we take a close look at which interfaces must be connected to third-party systems in order to be able to provide every service required. We create a detailed roadmap for the entire migration process, which explicitly shows each individual progress. Both during and after the migration to the SAP Commerce Cloud, we accompany you with our experience and expertise to ensure your success and also to be able to make changes in the implementation at short notice.

Competent support from a single source

For optimal revenue maximisation and a faster return on investment, our e-commerce and strategic consulting experts are at your side during the migration process and afterwards.

Personal service

With our support you can be sure that you always have a competent contact person at your side. We support your company in all technical matters and offer additional remote service to maximise your performance potential. We will be happy to arrange an individual service level agreement with you to meet your personal requirements.

IT security

Deploying your shop in the cloud enables the best possible data security, just as you are used to from your previous local infrastructure. We support you in ensuring data security in terms of your compliance, so that you can fully concentrate on your business and your customers.

Coordination of your services

We ensure a centrally managed solution landscape in the SAP environment that provides all the key systems and technologies you need. The connection of all services to your online shop enables the smooth running of your internal and external process structures.

Not just an idea, but a plan

A large migration project requires careful planning. At communicode, we follow the agile working method, so that we are also able to optimally implement short-term changes in the roadmap. This way, you will already be working successfully with your online shop with the first go live. The further iterations will be added according to your wishes. In this way, we can realise every new requirement promptly. For us, it is part of our service promise to be there for you after Go Live as an advisory and active contributor, so that you can react optimally to new market developments.