With the worlds of experience, Shopware built the digital bridge between shop system and CMS some time ago and thus introduced an important feature. Now shop operators can not only design the content on landing pages, but also on category pages according to their own wishes. A real win for content commerce and exciting storytelling. The Rule Builder itself is not new either. It allows offers, prices and terms of payment to be played out individually to previously defined customer groups or for entire product groups.

With the new Shopware version in the Professional Edition, the Rule Builder and the experience worlds can now be combined into a powerful marketing tool. In this article we will show you the advantages of this connection and what you can achieve with it.

Cross-sell and special prices with the Rule Builder

The Rule Builder makes it easier for online retailers to provide entire product or customer groups with special conditions. Discounted prices, lower shipping costs, bundles, attribute-based sales campaigns and VIP conditions can be easily created as a rule with the Rule Builder and activated automatically as soon as a condition is met by a product or a customer. The Rule Builder can also automatically display prices and other conditions for selected days of the week.

This gives online retailers the freedom to configure their promotion so that it can be played out individually to the respective visitor without any loss of time. There are no long loading times and the functionality of the rule builder goes far beyond the standard product rules because payment and shipping methods as well as voucher codes are also included in the promotions.

content management system? shop system? adventure worlds!

If you want to do captivating content marketing in your online shop, you usually need an additional CMS. Texts, images and videos are usually created, managed and presented to the end customer in the appropriate places. With its worlds of experience, Shopware has managed to create the perfect symbiosis of shop system and CMS. The shopping worlds in Shopware 5 were already a clear advance and showed how cleverly product and category pages can be designed if the content can be placed directly and according to your own wishes, without having to use a separate CMS beforehand.

In Shopware 6, the shopping worlds make it possible to make storytelling even more intuitive and customer-centric, so that the shop operator has the full creative potential in his hands. The result is a completely personalized and attractive customer journey, from the social media feed to the purchasing process.

Rule Builder and worlds of experience: even better in combination

The fact that shop operators no longer need a separate CMS for efficient content marketing thanks to the worlds of experience is not new. The fact that the Rule Builder implements rules applied to individual customers is also almost old hat for Shopware itself. With the new Shopware version in the Professional Edition, these two features can now be harmoniously combined.

In plain language this means: The content in the experience worlds can now be linked to the conditions defined in the rule builder, so that the content itself is also displayed in a personalized way.

Certain rules are defined in the Rule Builder and content is only displayed for the predetermined target groups. In this way, new customers, existing customers or even VIP customers receive content that has been put together especially for them and the right offers. Personalized landing pages, category pages, product pages and even the start pages ensure an online shopping experience that is second to none thanks to the innovative interaction of Rule Builder and experience worlds. .

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The worlds of experience and the rule builder not only help shop operators to create different landing pages with special price groups. Rather, in a combined version, they support retailers in addressing their customers personally and offering them a unique customer journey.

So much for the tremendous benefits. During our free webinar on February 18, 2020, we will show participants how it all works and which steps will make it easier to find the ideal path to your goal. You can easily register on our GoToWebinar page.