The Magento 1 shop system will be discontinued in mid-2020 and the manufacturer will no longer provide any new functions or bug fixes for this version. The company Mage One offers the service of providing this support for the next five years from 299 euros per month, so that shop operators can benefit from a stress-free changeover time. A good time to deal specifically with the opportunities that are now available.

In addition to switching to Magento 2, it makes sense to consider a change of manufacturer. In the following we will show you the advantages of Shopware and a successful migration path. There is also an attractive, financial offer from Shopware. Make good use of opportunities that arise

Now there is a comfortable opportunity to dismantle old structures and technologies in order to do justice to the grown business model. Look at your strategic direction. Where should you go with your online shop? What features do you need or will you need in the foreseeable future? Perhaps previously used functions can be improved or even replaced. Is the previously used shop system still the right one for your business model? Feel free to involve your employees in the evaluation process.

The e-commerce of the future requires a shop system that not only has to meet today's requirements, but also those of the future. In the best case, it grows with the challenges of the market and adapts to your wishes and those of your customers. So if you are aiming for a migration from Magento 1 to a new shop system, please do not hesitate to speak to our consultants. Together we will discuss your plans for the future and work out the optimal solution for you. As a full-service digital agency, we have had very good experiences with Shopware and can also implement the most diverse concepts and strategic goals according to your business model.

Why migrate from Magento 1 to Shopware?

The advantages of Shopware are manifold. The system has everything you need for perfect usability by your employees and customers alike. In addition, it is open source. This means that every function that you need for your business can be individually adapted or newly developed. As a Shopware Solution Partner, we can therefore adapt your online shop exactly to the requirements of your business model. With its modern software architecture, the plugins for many services and the best possible usability, we create a convincing shopping experience for your customers. In addition, we provide your employees with such a comfortable user interface that the products and contents of the shop are much easier to maintain.

Depending on the individual structure of your online shop or your information architecture, adjustments will most likely have to be made. In a workshop, we discuss the necessities together and adapt the entire concept to your individual strategy. ### What happens to my custom built features and extensions? Changing an online shop system offers you the opportunity to take a closer look at the composition of your individually developed features. You may no longer need them in their current configuration. Various processes can be made much more efficient with a technical restart. This is exactly where communicode shows its strengths, because with more than 16 years of experience in the development of B2C and B2B solutions and complex functional relationships, you can rely on well-founded support here. Through our agile approach and working in iterations, we can jointly evaluate the value of the previous functions for your business model in detail. After the first launch of the new shop, we will continue to talk to you and adapt the shop more and more to the needs of your business model. While we make the developments for you, you can continue to be there for your customers without hindrance.

And the best: If you decide to move from Magento 1 to Shopware, Shopware will support you with the support costs of Mage One until the launch of your new shop under Shopware. You can simply continue with your day-to-day business without pressure and we will carry out the migration and all planned developments for you.

The advantages of Shopware

Many of the functions and features that could only be implemented under Magento 1 with great effort and with some costs are already included with Shopware. Your everyday life as a shop operator and that of your employees will be much more comfortable.

Design: Shopware offers us the ideal platform to perfectly implement your corporate design. Of course, the focus is on the user experience. Ideally, the design of the shop should both reflect your identity and be a real eye-catcher for your customers.

Usability: Shopware is easy to use for your employees. Simplified processes make your everyday activities all the more efficient. This gives you more freedom to concentrate on your other business processes. Your customers also benefit from a mature customer journey through the intuitive operation of all available elements.

Can be expanded at will: There are a large number of plugins and extensions for Shopware that supplement the online shop according to your wishes and requirements. If you also have individual requirements for your shop, as a solution partner we can develop the required functionality to measure. Shopping worlds: Monotonous entry pages and landing pages are a thing of the past. The Shopware shopping worlds help you to optimize the shopping experience of your customers.

Blogging is caring: With Shopware you also get an integrated blog system in which you can illuminate your own product and service world from many different perspectives. The perfect tool to not only sell, but to convey the character of your brand to your customers.

Affiliate Marketing: Choose Shopware and you can cooperate with partner sites to reach your customers even more easily. Your affiliates will be rewarded for every sale and you will get new customers. Win win!

Made in Germany with multiple languages: The predicate "Made in Germany" is a clear commitment by Shopware to the location Germany. The quality of the software has also created extensive scope for action internationally, which in turn benefits the German economic area. ## The migration of master data to Shopware

Shopware has already prepared the switch from Magento by providing a suitable plugin to make the migration as smooth as possible for you. This means that at least the master data of the shop can be transferred to the new system with a click. We make this data usable again for you, make all important adjustments and advise you in all technical and strategic matters.

Migration from Magento 1 to Shopware: Which data can be migrated?

Customer details:

  • Customer passwords
  • Customer numbers
  • Order history
  • Current orders
  • customer groups
  • address data

Article data:

  • Article numbers
  • Article master data
  • Item images
  • Product descriptions
  • One-dimensional variants
  • Multidimensional variants
  • Properties
  • Inventory
  • Graduated prices
  • Search terms
  • Customer group prices

Shop features:

  • Order status
  • Payment Methods
  • Structure category
  • Manufacturer
  • Tax rates
  • Reviews

communicode: e-commerce service provider from the very beginning

We chose Shopware as a partner because of its numerous advantages for shop operators to give your customers a unique shopping experience. Our experts implement an online shop tailored to your requirements so that you can pursue your business as efficiently as possible. We have more than 16 years of experience and the long partnership with Shopware and, as a solution partner, we were recently certified for the latest Shopware version 6 in design and backend. These are excellent prerequisites for making your online shop fit for the future.

Our agile development methods in a constantly growing, global market are a key to success. We develop tailor-made solutions, based on Shopware 6, among other things, and network your business processes according to your individual requirements. In this way, we can develop the best online shop solution for your needs, regardless of the industry.

Migration to Shopware with communicode

We at communicode are certified to work with Shopware and, as a solution partner, are always able to implement both the development of your required extensions and the design of your shop exactly according to your wishes. We guarantee a smooth transition, because our Shopware experts not only know the software architecture, but also know exactly where the individual needs of your business model must be met. ### How much time and money will the migration cost?

Every business model has its very own structure, which we want to do justice to with our services. Especially individually developed plugins and functions that are tailored to your product range require an equally individual development effort. You will receive a specific offer from us as part of the needs analysis.

How does the migration from Magento 1 to Shopware work?

If you are considering a switch from Magento 1 to Shopware, we can start to analyze the status quo together with you. We clarify the important framework conditions in a telephone conference and then carry out a quick check directly with you. We will provide you with the result document at a reasonable price.

  • Kick off
  • Creation of the product backlog
  • Setting up the new Shopware instance
  • Migration of master data to the new shop
  • Individual adjustments and developments according to your business model
  • Activation of the first productive version of the new shop/deactivation of the old shop
  • Extensions and adjustments

We provide you with a comprehensive roadmap about the current progress and planned measures and our consultants keep you informed about the current status.

We are always at your disposal and available for advice when it comes to adapting the shop to the changing market and sharing the trends and developments we have observed. As a full-service digital agency, we accompany your business through its entire development so that you already have solutions in your hands before problems even arise. This means you are always able to react to new circumstances as independently as possible.

Have we piqued your interest? Then feel free to contact us and together we will discuss your path to your new online shop.