From April 1, 2017, all retailers will have to replace the previously known logo for the acceptance of the electronic direct debit procedure with a pen, symbolized card and the two "ec" letters. Why? Mastercard is now claiming the trademark rights for the "ec" symbol and the further use of the previously well-known logo is therefore prohibited. From April, not only will brick-and-mortar stores have to replace this logo in every conceivable place, but also online shop operators who use the logo on the shopping cart page, for example.

The German Trade Association has designed a license-free logo and style guide so that retailers can continue to use a free logo in the future.Templates and other tools for the new logo can be found here.

The only thing to note is compliance with the brand guideline. The best thing to do is to swap the old logo for the new one and be on the safe side.

Old versus new logo for ELV acceptance