Three days, two conferences, one place: This year, from July 17th to 19th, the JSCamp< will take place in Barcelona /a> and for the first time - the day before - the CSSCamp took place.

The three conference days are packed with lectures on UX, UI, performance, JavaScript and modern web technologies. The two conferences are aimed at both designers and developers. It's a place to meet the community. Here you can exchange ideas, learn from international developers and projects and be inspired. Our frontend developers will be there - each with their own expectations of the conference.


This year is already the third conference for me. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to “thinking about the bigger picture”.

So incredibly much happens in our filter bubble every day that you have to make an effort to keep track of modern web technologies and current developments in addition to your actual tasks. If you bet on the wrong horse, it can be expensive to revise this decision.

I don't have a specific topic I'd like to learn more about, but I'm curious about Garance Flore Vallat who talks about "Accessible JavaScript patterns". I think that the issue of “accessibility” often gets far too little attention.

In addition, the very technical topics apart from the framework wars are super exciting. Hear about the capabilities of Weak collections, ephemerons, and private fields you don't do much in everyday life either.


What I really like about JSCamp and CSSCamp Barcelona is that the conference is about modern web technologies and how to build better, faster and more secure web applications. The speakers also come from large companies such as Google and Microsoft. I look forward to learning more about things like serverless web applications and JAMstack and getting more information about the frameworks.


As with all conferences, I find it exciting and important to have the opportunity to think outside the box, which can sometimes be neglected in addition to day-to-day work.

I look forward to technical talks like "What happens next: a choose-your- own adventure with iterators by Jenn Creighton , "Inside V8: weak collections, ephemerons, and private fields by Sigurd Schneider"< /a> or on "Kyle Simpson's "new take" on the structure of the web in "FOUC and the Death of Progressive Enhancement

But also creative topics like "Interactive SVG Animation" or "When Houdini Met Goldblum" by Oliver Turner interests me.

Because it is precisely this mixture of technology and creativity that makes Frontend Development interesting for me.

As you can see, there is no main focus for me. To be honest, I'm glad that there is only one strand of lectures at the conferences and I don't have to decide for or against one lecture.

In short: I'm looking forward to a great mix of creative and technical topics as well as three inspiring days in Barcelona.

We are excited!