Mindfulness and MindfulWork are trending, that's for sure. The well-being of each individual is more important than ever. More and more companies are realizing this. Depression and overwork up to burnout have shown in the past that it is urgently time for a change of perspective.

Mindfulness and MindfulWork is basically nothing more than dealing with yourself and your environment more consciously; to perceive the here and now openly, curiously and with more acceptance and not having already made a judgment in your head, thinking three steps ahead, or still being caught up in what happened the day before yesterday. Regardless of whether this is for professional or private reasons, our thoughts don't care.

Our mind constantly produces new thoughts and feelings within milliseconds and confronts us with memories. Some are useful, others just get in the way. But they all have something in common: we cannot turn them off. It's like saying, "Don't think about a pink elephant!" That doesn't work, our brain isn't set up for it. The more we don't want to think something, the more it will manifest itself in our mind. The spiral of thought, which is often negatively charged, begins to turn.

Although mindfulness cannot magic this pink elephant away, it can at least shut down the thought of him. For more concentration and focus on the moment.

It's been four years since I completed a mindfulness training course myself. This new inner attitude fascinated me. At the time, I lacked patience with myself. I was plagued by prejudiced thoughts about an uncertain future. I was unhappy. I didn't like myself anymore.

Through the constant practice of mindfulness, I was able to make clear decisions, forget the big picture and enjoy the little things. I had more time for myself again and was able to focus on my goals. I was happy again and I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't made up my mind to do the mindfulness training.

Sometimes it's just time for a change... In a half-sentence I mentioned my experiences in the office. This resulted in a presentation to my team. Our board of directors happened to notice this and so one thing followed the other. It was suggested to me that this major topic, which had been on everyone's lips for a long time and was also anchored in the minds of our management, should be continued in the company. Two Open Spaces later, an inventory of interest in mindfulness training followed. With great success, 25 colleagues could imagine participating. To implement a mindful corporate culture, I received the unconditional support of our board members Stefan Belmann and Armin Peiker.

I started sending out a weekly internal newsletter, Mindful Monday, which deals with various mindfulness-based topics and aims to give small impulses for a new way of thinking. Every week I offer a short guided meditation of a maximum of 10 minutes for anyone who is interested. Some come regularly, others for the first time. I look forward to every curious look! Humans need 8 weeks of repeating something new every day to make it a habit. So it is obvious that it would not be enough to get an overview of the basics and then to deal with this new topic for a short time maybe twice a week. It is often not easy to overcome the weaker self and to remember and carry out the practice yourself in the rest of the time, and so the once curious interest slowly but steadily fades away. In a group it is much easier to deal with the new approach in a more committed manner towards oneself. Through mutual support and the possible exchange, he remains present. So it quickly became clear that communicode AG needed professional reinforcement so that mindfulness could enter the company properly and sustainably. After a short research and comparing the different options on the market, a supplier was found who will supply us with Mindful Smarties and Mindful Energizers from February. In four modules that deal with the body, thoughts, emotions and the integration of mindfulness into everyday life, 19 colleagues and I will reflect on our perception, get to know new ways and be provided with helpful training units so as not to lose sight of the moment in everyday life to lose.

I'm looking forward!