Our first week at communicode began with getting to know each other, our colleagues and the company. We were greeted with a small presentation and given a tour of the company. Most of us already knew each other from speed dating, which was the first time this year and acted as a preliminary selection process before the classic job interviews.

On August 1st communicode not only welcomed the new trainees, but also celebrated his 14th birthday, which is why we were also invited to toast and eat cake from 11:00 a.m. The rest of the day was available for us to get to know each other and get our bearings in the company. We also used the time to start our quest for the first week, which was organized by the trainees from previous years. This was planned like a scavenger hunt, in which we were supposed to research and ask for information about the various departments in order to have a reward handed out in return. For example, we had to find out which people belong to each team, what their tasks are and which customers they look after.

We spent the rest of the week listening to presentations from the individual departments and thus getting to know the entire field of activity of the company. All speakers met us here with great motivation and friendliness. Our introductory week ended on Friday with the OpenSpace. At OpenSpace, a monthly internal company event, colleagues can suggest topics, which are then presented and discussed in 45-minute sessions. Through the events of the first week, we not only got to know our colleagues and teams, but also the company, its tasks and goals.