Mastering information about products, markets and customers requires competence. Your customers usually make their purchase decision while researching on the Internet. You can positively influence this decision by providing relevant product information as well as market-specific features such as prices, delivery times and additional services. Good management of product and company information therefore means not only central administration, but also diverse availability for all relevant target groups. Our expertise consists of developing concepts for all processes and data models around the collaboration, refinement and publication of product data in omnichannel business. This is where the basis for successfully finding the desired information is created. When it comes to digital processes and their automation, sooner or later we also talk about technology. What used to be a pure IT project now has a special appeal for your marketing.

.### We offer:
- Sound advice on needs and the right system
- Development of a sustainable PIM strategy for your company
- Detailed PIM audit
- Realisation and implementation, networked with all important systems