communicode realizes website relaunch for vanHaren

The relaunch of the Deichmann website was realized this summer. Now, the internet presence of the Dutch subsidiary vanHaren Schoenen B.V. can also be accessed on the net. Here, the shoe retailer was supported by communicode in all questions of technological implementation.
Essen, November 25, 2010

The technological basis was already given by the relaunch. All subsidiary sites, in this case vanHaren, benefit from the multi-client capability and template sharing of the master project; here, template changes can be made centrally in a single point of administration and transferred to the subsidiary sites. Thus, the structural design of the website for vanHaren was adopted almost one-to-one. Minor adjustments to the style sheets gave the site the orange-blue look and feel of vanHaren.

Implementation with CMS system OpenText

The website was implemented using the Enterprise Web Content Management System from Open Text. Flash applications, such as those found on the home page, can be maintained in the CMS. Online editors can update or change the content and create new tabs without any programming knowledge. In addition, the Flash applications in the CMS can be translated by editors on site.

In addition, there is a generic form system. This allows forms, for example for competitions, to be set up and maintained quickly and easily. In the case of vanHaren's website, an excellent career section was also implemented in the CMS - a special feature that vanHaren attached great importance to. After all, around 98 percent of all job applications in the Netherlands are now made online. The application forms can be easily maintained in the CMS and edited for specific jobs. Mass data maintenance of the attributes in Microsoft Excel serves as the basis here. The connection of a newsletter system and the Dutch store system to the CMS could be realized by a few configuration parameters thanks to the multi-client capability. Here, too, the specially developed module for product display was used; with this, the store content can be embedded without much effort. As with Deichmann, the Adobe Scene 7 image and media database enables a direct link between vanHaren's online catalog and the e-shop.

Finally, the trend blog was also adopted for vanHaren. The blog was integrated into the website as a separate system and presents the latest fashion trends to the user. To this end, the blog was linked to social media platforms such as Twitter and Hyves, the Dutch version of facebook. Youtube videos can also be easily integrated into the blog.