Webinar Customer Journey individualize with Shopware

communicode will show in a free webinar how the Rule Builder in the Shopware worlds of experience helps to achieve successful customer retention.
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One of the primary goals in e-commerce is to offer customers a personalized shopping experience and thus, in the best case, to retain their loyalty in the long term. What begins in personalized advertising should ultimately be continued in the store. How you as a store operator can achieve it, the store content as individually as possible to the needs and preferences of your respective customer, we show in our free webinar on February 18 at 10 am.

Shopware just launched its latest version in mid-December, taking it to the next stage towards the optimal shopping experience. The Shopware Experience Worlds and Rule Builder are powerful marketing tools in their own right, but they can also be combined to tailor not only prices, payment models and shipping options to individual customer groups, but also the content that is played out to each customer. Our expert will show you how this works and what potential is created by bundling features using various showcases within the current Shopware version. In this way, you will learn first-hand how to individualize the user journey and thus perfect the online shopping experience.

The webinar is aimed at both store operators and frontend/backend developers who attach great importance to an outstanding customer experience and a long-term customer relationship. After our webinar, our consultant will be happy to answer your questions and talk to you about your very own challenges.

Pia Mannel

communicode AG