Webinar: Communicate Successfully with Celum ContentHub

How to organize your content architecture across systems according to your needs. On 8th September at 10 a.m. communicode will show you, together with CELUM, how professional Asset Management optimizes your brand presence.

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Content with added value inspires your target groups, sharpens your brand profile and increases your success in the long term. For an optimal customer experience, media and content must not only be designed and created, but also made available across systems. In modern workflows, these processes are often automated and always adaptable to user needs.

This free webinar provides first-hand solutions for optimized asset management. To this end, we will present best practices from leading companies and long-standing PIM-DAM users, in which examples of PIM and MAM are so efficiently intertwined that the workflows are optimally mapped. For example, you will learn how the CELUM ContentHub can be used in conjunction with SAP CX to play out content processes in a coordinated and efficient manner.

Webinar highlights:

  • Facts about the benefits of a central ContentHub.
  • The way out of silos and the "black box"
  • Detailed process mechanisms, from metadata maintenance to product release
  • Modern workflows for flexible and target-oriented content playout
  • Presentation of functions for improved collaboration between teams
  • Practical examples for target group-oriented lead and traffic generation
  • Inspiration for long-term content authority and increased engagement
  • Exciting insights from the practice of various user cases

The CELUM ContentHub is created for all employees who regularly access their own assets and want to coordinate their use equally for all user groups. To this end, we highlight different user models and the resulting demands on a ContentHub.