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Digital sales channels, marketplaces & business models in B2B.
These are the topics that will be discussed at the strategy summit of project networks.
Will we meet in Berlin on November 15 and 16?

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  • 8:00: 3:45:
  • Mövenpick Hotel Berlin
  • Schöneberger Straße 3, 10963 Berlin
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Will we meet in Berlin on November 15 and 16?

Our colleagues from consulting and sales will be there to answer your specific questions and share our practical experience with the participants.
The fact that digitization contributes significantly to the success of a company is a perennial topic. First and foremost, the "why" related to the individual requirements of a company is crucial before the "how" comes into play. Particularly in B2B business, the view goes in many directions. Suppliers, trading partners, end customers and, last but not least, employees are part of the target group and thus of the company's digital strategy.

There is a wide range of solution providers and technologies to choose from, which must be skillfully networked so that people, technology and processes also work together effectively.

To make an innovative digital strategy a reality, we in IT and marketing are now thinking in terms of platforms that map business processes across the company. For example, Composable & Headless Commerce are based on flexible (MACH) architectures that make it very easy to operate in the cloud and extend in the form of microservices. In addition, the platform remains stable and is easier to maintain. The company can approach the set goals step by step.

These and many other aspects will be discussed at the strategy summit - we are looking forward to the promising program and the personal exchange.

Michael Wofframm

communicode AG