Software engineering is part of our DNA

Software Engineering has been a big part of what we are from the beginning: the DNA of communicode. This can already be recognized when looking at the over 35 dedicated developers among us. Our experience and innovative strength, coupled with our understanding of our customers’ business, form the basis of individualized software solutions. Consultation and conception at the start, continuing with an iterative implementation, up to the successful operation.


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From the beginning we have recognized the need and value of individual development, regardless of the sector in which a customer operates or whether a B2B or B2C environment is involved. That is why we rely on a mix of proven standards and custom-made partial solutions such as microservices, which we adapt to the respective customer.

Facing change with agility

Digitalisation is opening up new business models and application possibilities for companies, thereby creating change. Within your organisation, IT plays a key role in dealing with a high degree of interconnection and different system landscapes, while at the same time also handling individual requirements. It empowers your company to seize the opportunities of digital transformation.

We base the realization of your software solution on agile methodology, or our adaption of the agile manifesto. Our passion for innovation together with our curiosity, which goes far beyond new tools and frameworks, helped us recognize the value of agility in the services business early on.

As becomes evident, customer satisfaction and a well-functioning software that delivers business value are the most important measures of success for us. We believe in agility rather than static planning to stay one step ahead of the rapid transformability that comes with the digital transformation. True to the principle „Release early, release often”, we deliver robustly tested, functioning software increments in short sprint cycles.

Continuous delivery by conviction

Our focus on our customers and their end customers is reflected in our view of continuous delivery. For us it is more than a process, but the culture by which we develop and deliver software. In doing so, we are guided by three central questions that every user story, the smallest unit in requirements management, should answer.

Who? What? Why?

  • Who is the user of the function?
  • What possibilities should be given to him?
  • What is the purpose of the function?

To understand and internalize your way of creating business value, our teams engage in intense personal exchanges with you, your business and your goals. Our understanding is further enhanced by the digital strategy, which is developed with our consultants in advance, and the KPIs derived from it.

Above all, our developers focus on creating functions that truly add value to users. For us, it is the most important metric for prioritization. Accordingly, we make sure to continuously question the meaning and benefits of each feature.

For our development, release management, deployment and testing, we use a diversified tool stack. Thereby, we rely on open source and open standards, being guided by our experience with suitable tools and our curiosity for innovation.

In combination with our established processes, we create a pipeline from the development to the productive system, which allows us to quickly and reproducibly deliver adjustments. With each release this results in a robust software that is developed from scratch without requiring much effort.

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  • Pull Requests
  • Code review before each merge
  • High code quality through multiple testing
  • Increments are tested for robustness


  • Automated Testing
  • Integration tests
  • Performance tests
  • Regression testing


  • Exploratory Testing
  • Frontend tests
  • User acceptance testing


  • Environment Automation
  • Container management
  • Fast setup of different test environments


  • Deployment
  • UI tests
  • Fast reproducibility from scratch


Quality is ensured in the process

Quality assurance efforts for our software development do not start after a complete increment has been finished, but at a much earlier stage. Sometimes feature tests are even written before the actual feature itself. Accordingly, at time of delivery, our software has already been extensively and robustly tested. In addition, regular retrospectives in our teams ensure that procedures and processes are continuously validated and improved.


Hypercare and Maintenance

As soon as our software is transferred to the productive environment, an exciting phase begins in which the application is put into operation and initial results are achieved. During this hypercare phase, the designated development team is always available for adjustments and assistance. Additional support is provided by our customer service and operations teams. This way we ensure a successful starting phase for our customers.

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