Marketing Automation with SAP Hybris

Communicate across channels in real time with your customers and create lasting customer loyalty with individual shopping experiences.

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Successful e-commerce is closely linked to targeted digital marketing.

Its strength lies in the possibility of individual customer contact. Nobody knows your customers as well as you do, and you should take advantage of this knowledge. A challenge we face with integrated solutions, such as the SAP Hybris Marketing Suite. Because we know that only satisfied customers turn loyal and choose to recommend you or your offer.

Terms like “consumer focus”, “customer journey” or “customer centricity” are on everyone’s lips, but insights into the customer are usually fragmented and require a high manual effort in the consolidation and use. Marketing activities can therefore only be realized with a delay and with little individualization.

With appropriate marketing solutions, customers can be addressed in a personalized way based on past, present and future expected behaviour – in real time. In this way, your marketing team gains the opportunity to observe your customers from a 360° view and to eventually deduce targeted, relevant and current marketing actions from these insights.
The following instruments are available in an end-to-end process:

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  • Marketing Data Management
  • Creating a 360 ° perspective on people in real time – online as well as offline
  • Continuous accumulation of existing profile information from internal and external sources
  • Predictions about future (buying) behaviour


  • Segmentation and target groups
  • Effective segmentation based on your own criteria on big data basis in real time
  • Aggregation of data on KPI’s, sums and scores in real time
  • Real-time analysis of geographic, demographic or other data to identify value creation potential
  • Creating and optimizing target groups by means of predictive analytics


  • Content creation and playout
  • Templates that are adapted to your target groups for e-mail, SMS, landing pages etc.
  • Personalisation and individualized communication based on customer interaction and the integration of content into the commerce shop


  • Campaign management and automation
  • Creation of multi-phase or multi-channel campaigns
  • Time or event-based campaign realization
  • Automatic execution of follow-up actions


  • Recommendations
  • Creation of context-relevant recommendations and a personalized presentation in the e-shop and other channels
  • An increase of the conversion rate through user-relevant cross & upselling offers


  • Marketing planning, regulation und controlling
  • Top-down planning and budget distribution
  • Bottom-up budget allocation to individual campaigns
  • Performance analysis of campaigns in real time
  • Balanced scorecard and KPI monitoring for a target-actual comparison
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Our services for you:

  • End-to-end consideration of your marketing needs in the process-related, digital context
  • Assessments with needs and potential analysis, comparison with external goals
  • Conception of the system architecture including the integration of ERP, commerce, CRM, etc.
  • Creation of a solution concept and validation through Proof of Concepts
  • Implementation, training and operation of your solution

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